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Instant Calibration Professional (InstaCalPro)
Instant Calibration Professional (InstaCalPro) :
(For the Industries who Calibrate Gauges/Instruments from Third Party or In house Calibration Lab)

InstaCalPro is powerful gauge management software that helps you manage a complete history of your measurement devices, instruments, and gauges. It generates calibration schedules and alerts you to failed and past due calibrations.

It tracks location and status, maintains repair records. To help you identify sources of measurement variation, InstaCalPro Calibration Software provides complete statistical and graphical analysis of your measurement which delivers various benefits to organizations by delivering information about QC Equipment Calibration.
Software features:

    • Masters data recording of Gauge/Instrument Type, Manufacturer, Supplier, Calibration Agency, Issue Location, Product, Model, IS Standards List etc.
    • Produce Calibration Plan for every issued gauge.
    • Rapidly determine Location of up to more than 5000 gauges.
    • Wear limit calculation of Go / No Go size Gauges as per IS3455-1971.
    • Operate control over Issues and Return of Gauges.
    • Issue Note printing.
    • Temporary Gauge Issue/Receipt Record.
    • Under Repair Gauges Record.
    • Missing/Found Gauges Record.
    • Scrap Gauges Record.
    • Master List of Gauges & Instruments.
    • Gauge/Instrument Type wise Inventory with Amounts.
    • Rapidly determine which Gauges are Due for Calibration [Calibration Due List].
    • Provide easy method of recording Calibration Results.
    • Facility to insert Calibration Certificate in soft copy (pdf file) as an attachment (if available).
    • Frequency can be changed at the time of issue and also after calibration.
    • Rapidly confirm if you possess a particular Size or Type of gauge.
    • Instant access to cross reference of,
      A: which Part needs what Gauges and
    • B: which Gauge issued for what Parts.
    • Give an instant Calibration History of all gauges and instruments with a press of the mouse button
      [Calibration History Card].
    • Calibration History Card with Calibration Observations.
    • Graphical representation of relative degradation of Go/ Nogo size gauges to enhance planning of repurchase and scrapping [Wear Pattern Trend Analysis].
    • Flexible Criteria selection for every report.
    • E‐mail or export option for every report (in PDF format).
    • Built in back‐up facility.
    • Control access to the system using User Level Permission with Password Protection.
    • On line operating manualin PDF format for further help.
Download Software Features pdf.
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