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Instant Calibration Professional

Instant Calibration Professional (Lab)

Why the ‘Instant Calibration Professional’ Software?

The need for control over Calibration Lab activities has never been higher than in today's environment. As this need has increased, so too has the requirement for better management of the equipment used to measure and control daily lab activities.

Unfortunately, while many managers are faced with managing a growing number of instruments and

increased responsibility, their resources are being reduced. One popular method for minimizing the resources

necessary is the implementation of commercial off‐the‐shelf calibration management software (ICPro).

Justifying a move away from the legacy calibration‐management systems (such as paper‐based records or in‐house systems based on Microsoft Excel) is usually the easy part of the ICProimplementation process.

Better organization:
Paper records are easily lost or misplaced, and they can take up a lot of space as they accumulate over time. In most cases, computer records remain where you put them. Excessive time spent copying and updating necessary binders, calibration sheets and log books.

Important information is not readily accessible and becomes time consuming to search for. Inability or difficulty locating data due to manual formats or multiple databases. Lack of automated quality processes result in duplication in work and communication.

Fewer errors:
How are you currently notified of pending calibration events? Do you remember all of them, or do you miss some from time to time? Do calibrations events ever occur without being documented? Have you ever used an master instrument that is out‐of‐calibration?
Many people editing the same records causing confusion, inefficiency or even lost data.

Improved productivity:
Our ICPro package will automatically schedule master equipment calibration events and notify you when they're due. All of your data will be stored electronically and easily accessible to all of those who need it. Additionally, downtime will be greatly reduced as your equipment is calibrated and maintained on schedule.

Stressful when preparing for audits due to inefficient data organization that may result in poor audit findings. Inefficient method of recording critical or pertinent calibration information.
Communication breakdown due to the lack of sharing of quality, calibration and/or maintenance information between multiple facilities, locations or business units.

Reduced costs:
Maintaining data electronically using ICPro saves your time and money.

Have Poor Or No Support?
Are you frustrated by your vendor’s poor service or have you received notification that support is no longer available?..

Don’t risk problems with this activity, upgrade instead to ICPro; a software solution from established Software company with a proven record of service and support!
Have transition concerns? Our specialists have years of experience migrating data from legacy systems to ICPro.

We will help in the review and definition of your work‐flow, system configuration, reporting, user training and much more.

If you find interest in our software products, organization and our services, feel free to call us.

Awaiting for your valued call.
Instant Calibration Professional (Lab)
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